Mid Century Modern

Located in Springfield, MO, this home that was built in the mid century modern era, but was in need of a remodel design. We came up with some house plans to add on a master suite and switch around some of the interior spaces that was needing to fit into the era but also make it look like it was a part of the original design all along. Our client wanted us to take this home design and put them into a full scale, 3D renderings that you can see above. We started out with black and white video rendered in "sketchy" mode to get an overall idea of the form and lines of the home, but then included full color into our renderings to capture the materiality and life-like quality we envisioned for this project. The builder was given our full set of blueprints and then these home plans were taken to begin knocking out walls and repairing all of what was needed. We hope that some day soon we can include final pictures of this home to see how it all turned out.

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