Modern Farmhouse

Located near Torrie Creek in Springfield, Missouri, these home plans display a "back to the future" modern farmhouse! The homeowner requested that their house plans reflect the historical beginning with a mid 1800's Farmhouse that had additions made to it for the last 150 years connecting as a picture of the original homestead. This is a modern farmhouse made to look like it had been added onto for decades and it all started on paper with the original floor plan design.

These house plans focused initially on the "original" Stone Farmhouse in the center and the original "Barn"( now the new garage). The challenge then was to think about what room a particular descendant would have added to the original Farmhouse and what roof line they would have used. A breezeway, long since enclosed, now connects the Stone Farmhouse and the Barn, a little extra shed roof could have been an old wood storage area. On the opposite side of the Stone Farmhouse one relative could have decided a private area for the Mr. and Mrs. was essential with a growing family.

Once inside there are hints at the "original structure", the old stone fireplace, the stone floor in the enclosed breezeway, the tall ceilings would have been accomplished by removing the 2nd Floor that provided sleeping quarters for the children, part of the old ceiling was salvaged in the Kitchen area, reclaimed siding from the barn was used for the vent hood in the kitchen. Then all the modern amenities were carefully added to continue the history of the current homeowner. We designed this home at our office north of Branson and the builder was given a full set of house plans that provided him with more than enough detail to build the exact home the clients were wanting. We could not be more happy with the final results.

Welcome to Tory Creek.

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