Tudor Remodel

This Kansas City set of house plans was more than a success. This award winning design for 2010 Remodel of the Year is attributed to a lot of hard work and attention to detail. Notice some of the before and after pictures and see if you can piece together what took place in transforming this home.

As good land is getting more difficult to find, we are getting a lot more people interested in taking a house and completely transforming it to be like a new home inside and out. This home was a complete and total remodel and we love how it turned out. Apparently Kansas City loves it too!!! Our home plans started out redrawing the entire existing house into a 3D CADD program. Once the house is in our system we can begin by taking the clients vision and putting those ideas on paper- starting with the initial floor plan layout. In this case, the client wanted their plans to reflect a Tudor style home and so that is what we gave them. We handed the builder a finished set of house plans that included more than enough detail to get the remodel off the ground. We work primarily in Branson or Springfield, Missouri, but we have had the privilege of working on projects in Kansas City, Tulsa, and in many other cities of the US. When a client is looking for a completely custom set of house plans for residential design where their ideas will be valued and appreciated, we strive to provide the best service possible as we get the job done.

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