White Cottage

Remodel design can be very challenging. Located in Ozark, Missouri just south of Springfield sits this little cottage right next door to one of our larger, more contemporary house designs. After developing the house plans for this home and after years of people driving by the finished product, it seems that just about everybody loves this cottage. It is difficult to know which aspect we like best, but it is either the transformation of the before and after pictures or the final product itself. After measuring the whole house and putting the existing floor plans into our software, we were then able to come up with a unique set of blueprints that transformed the look of this home. Remodel design is sometimes more challenging than new construction because you have to work within the confines of what is already there. This is a small house, but it displays a big change. It is amazing what you can do with a simple little house by bringing it into a creative process. The final home design and home plans were given to the builder who then took our ideas turning a plain little home turn into an exquisite cottage.

Check out the images and see if you can find the old fireplace, old windows, and figure out some of the steps this remodel went through in turning something plain into something charming.

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