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Designing a new home can be very overwhelming. For that reason, we break things
down and go room-by-room through your design ideas, wants, and needs.

Since this is how we start the design process, we thought we would feature a series
of articles that highlights common rooms / areas that every home has.

What better place to start, than the MAIN ENTRY!

Over the next several articles, we will discuss some key elements to consider when
designing your Main Entry.


Front porches come in various styles, shapes, sizes, and is usually a focal point
of the home design.

Some porches are strictly UTILITARIAN, while others are designed for the “LOOK”
they bring to the overall home design. Then, you have some that are designed
for “LIVING.” These porches are meant to be enjoyed and usually feature sitting
areas, or swings.

Take some time to carefully consider the use and style you want for your entry /
front porch.

Big, or small, your front porch should fit your style and needs. It should be a
welcoming place that invites your family and friends to come in and stay awhile.

Stay tuned for more…
In our next article, we will discuss window and door options for your Main Entry.