Designing your piece of History

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2019 marked a milestone for the J.L. Thompson Design Team. The team moved out of their home office and into a renovated historic home. Owner, Jason Thompson, knew the team needed their own space and he found it in Historic Downtown Branson, Missouri. Located on historic Branson Lot 2, the home is a wonderful office space where the JLT team works and meets with clients. 

Along with our office spaces, the office also offers a conference room that boasts two 65″ TV screens. These screens allow our team to review home designs with our clients and their builder. We use our 3D software to “walk” through our client’s own piece of history before construction even starts! 

It is truly amazing what history each home holds or will hold. Our office was originally designed as a rental property for multiple families. The builder probably never dreamed it would now provide a space that assists others in designing their own piece of history: a beautiful home that will last for generations! 

Contact us if you are ready to design your own piece of history and check out the short video above about our office.