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Here at the J.L. Thompson Design Group, we have a proven process that we use when designing custom homes. While we are always looking for, and implementing, ways to improve our workflow, the general process remains the same.

We wanted to share this process with you, so our website now features a Home Design Process page!

The Home Design Process page will walk you through our design process, outlining the estimated timeframes and scope of work for us and our clients. It also includes videos highlighting each step in the design process. These videos are also available on our YouTube Channel.

Custom house plans are just that, custom. Each plan is unique and tailored to fit our clients’ vision and lifestyle.

The items below all have an impact on the project timeline:

  • Complexity of the Project
  • Number of Revisions
  • Length of Client Review Times
  • Square Footage
  • Number of Levels
  • Level of Detail requested for 3D Color Imaging

We also know that life happens, so our team is very accommodating should our clients need more time to review each design phase. To manage the project timeline, a Gantt Chart is created based on our estimated timeframes for each phase and the desired construction start date. A sample Project Gantt Chart is below.

In the end, our main goal is that our clients ENJOY the design process and LOVE their their new home design!