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As we discussed in our previous article, inspiration images are very important for our design process. So, what are some ways to make the best of your inspiration images? Below, are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Find, Save, and SHARE Inspiration Images
  • Refine & Limit Images
  • Note Likes About Your Favorite Styles


When you are ready to build a custom home, you probably know what you like and the style that you want for your home. Therefore, prior to starting the design process, it is important to find images of homes that you like, save those images, AND then SHARE those images with us.

It’s surprising how often we receive little to no inspiration images prior to our Design Kick Off meeting. This complicates things since meeting notes are prepared prior to the meeting and usually include the Home Design Guide information and Inspiration Images. We then make notes about the images so we know which details you are looking for. For this reason, it is important to have your images BEFORE this meeting.

Below are some of the most common ways to send or share images with us.

  • Home Design Guide
  • Email
  • Dropbox
  • Pinterest Board
  • Houzz Ideabook


When preparing images to send to us, please try to limit the number of images based on the various rooms or the purpose of the image. Sorting through tons of photos becomes an overwhelming task, especially if we don’t know exactly what you like about each photo.

We have found that choosing 2-3 images for each interior space is ideal and gives a more concise picture of what you are looking for in each space. However, since the exterior design of the home is a HUGE part of the overall design, having 5-10 home exterior images is helpful.

Fully understanding the look, feel, and style you are looking for at the beginning of the design process, makes it a much smoother experience!


Notes about what you like in each image are EXTREMELY HELPFUL! A single image can have MANY details. However, our team often looks at specific details that you may not have noticed, want, or like.

Therefore, we go through each image to identify the specifics of what you DO LIKE. If we know these specifics from the beginning, it saves us time and allows us to know exactly what details we should include in your home design.

If you do have more than 2-3 images for a specific area, please make sure to note each image well so our team understands the importance of each image.

Once we have received, reviewed, and noted your likes, dislikes, and wants, we begin working on your home design. This is when your dream really starts to come to life!!