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INSPIRATION IMAGES are an important part of the design process. Since it is so important, we will be discussing this topic, and reviewing tips about choosing images, over the next few articles. In this article, we will discuss 3 THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN CHOOSING INSPIRATION IMAGES.

  • Not Enough Images
  • Too Many Images
  • Images with Different Styles


Inspiration images provide a visual for us to know what you are looking for. NOT having these images at the BEGINNING of the Home Design Process makes it MORE CHALLENGING for our team to get started on your home design.

For us, relying on verbal and written communication alone can lead our team down the wrong design path. Often, the Industry Terms we use might be confusing.

Being able to “point” at a picture and ask:

“Do you like the shape of this roof?”
“Do you like the line / grid pattern in these windows?”

provides a VERY simple but VERY effective way for us to learn your style.

Whether you love something, or hate it, WE NEED TO KNOW!!


While not having enough images poses a challenge, so does having too many.

Many of you have probably been dreaming about your perfect home for years while saving images of things you love along the way. If you’ve been dreaming and saving images for a long time, it is important for you to review all images that you’ve saved prior to starting the design process. It is very common for styles to change over time so some pictures might not portray the current design style you want. Therefore, it is important to remove images that no longer work with the design style you want your dream home to have.

When you are ready to start the design process, and have reviewed your photos, the next step is to pick your favorites! Selecting your top 5-10 Exterior images and your top 2-3 images for each Interior space (such as Entry, Living, Dining, Kitchen, etc.), is a great way to narrow down what your CURRENT STYLE is and what you want for your dream home!


It is also COMMON for clients to submit inspiration images with different styles.

For this reason, our team reviews the inspiration images with you to ensure we understand what you like about each image. Then we focus on those details as we get started on your home design.

As we start on the home design, we LOVE to focus on a COHESIVE design style. This can be achieved by blending styles. However, blending styles requires careful consideration of each detail since some details will clash with other styles. When we review the inspiration images, we will focus on the details that work well together.

This is the fun part and what makes the home UNIQUELY YOURS, so LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!!